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North Carolina Statutory Short Form of General Power of Attorney NOTICE THE POWERS GRANTED BY THIS DOCUMENT ARE BROAD AND SWEEPING. THEY ARE DEFINED IN CHAPTER 32A OF THE NORTH CAROLINA GENERAL STATUTES WHICH EXPRESSLY PERMITS THE USE OF ANY OTHER OR DIFFERENT FORM OF POWER OF ATTORNEY DESIRED BY THE PARTIES CONCERNED. State of County of I appoint to be my attorney-in-fact to act in my name in any way which I could act for myself with respect to the following matters as each of them is...
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I have hereto grant unto the said State of North Carolina... ... an Act of Union. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, .... Section I. - (1) As used in this act - (a) "State" means the State of North Carolina; ... (b) "General power" means the power of regulating the ownership and disposition of property, and authorizing the sale of such property, ... (c) "Commission" means the Interstate Commerce Commission; ... (d) "State police" means the division of public safety and administration for the State of North Carolina, .... (2) It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to take in hand in any transaction subject to this act, real estate, title to real estate, and the proceeds thereof, whether real, personal or mixed, for the purpose of any public purpose, or to exercise the powers of title registration of any such transaction, or to dispose thereof in any manner not authorized by law. § 2. - In all cases, except in cases of bankruptcy or insolvency, where real estate is disposed of in any manner not authorized by law , the rights of the owners to compensation, as in other cases, shall be determined in a suit by a civil court of record (hereinafter provided). In such proceedings the court shall have original jurisdiction of the matter and over all causes arising out of such title sale or other disposition. § 3. - The power of the commission in this State to prescribe rules and regulations governing title sales shall be derived from such title sale and shall, if necessary, be delegated thereunder to the State, and any rules and regulations prescribed under authority of this section shall be uniform for all transactions and within the scope of such title of land, but the provisions of this section shall not be construed to alter the power of the State to provide any other rules or regulations necessary for carrying out its constitutional and statutory functions and limitations. § 4. - No title of any kind whatsoever, whether real or personal, shall be acquired or retained by any person while the property so acquired is in such persons possession, on more than one day, for a period exceeding sixty (60) days from the date of sale, provided, however, that the terms "day" and "period" used herein shall indicate the number of days from the date of sale. § 5. - The title of all real property of the State, whether by purchase, gift, mortgage, pledge or other disposition, shall be the interest of the
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Hi we're going to show you how to fill in right a North Carolina PAP attorney form so what you want to do is come right to this web page and as you can see there are 10 total power of attorney forms real quick the financial cafeteria form allows you to choose someone else to handle any and all financial matters on your behalf medical power of attorney forms same thing but for health reasons or health treatment options facility options just in case you can't speak for yourself that you've gone through say risky surgery and yet haven't woken up where you're going through dementia you can elect someone else to make all treatment options and facility options on your behalf to purchase real estate this is just to have someone else purchase real estate on your behalf for someone else to just mortgage real estate on your behalf for someone else to just sell real estate on your behalf pay attorney affidavit the relocation for which allows you to cancel a PAB attorney the vehicle which allows you to choose someone else to sell register or title a vehicle on your behalf state tax which allows you during tax filing or tax season you usually have someone else handle your taxes on your behalf if so you need this sign this is just for the state you need another one for the IRS and the alive and well certification which means that when you are signing any one of these forms that you are actually alive and well and thinking very clear so what you want to do is click on one of the thumbnails that for the power training form that you want click on the bullet once this opens up you can see that all the fields are highlighted and all you need to do is fill it in, and it's very self-explanatory it's only two pages this form anyway and at the very end as you can see you need a notary public to witness the signatures so once you get all completed do not sign it you need to sign it in front of a notary public which you can find at every branch bank in the United States they usually do it for free if you have an account if you don't Bank of America charges anywhere from eight to ten dollars do this that's it that's how you can fill in a North Carolina popper tranquil
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